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SPRAYIT SP-352 Gravity Feed Spray Gun Review

The SPRAYIT SP-352 is an LVLP gravity feed spray gun with interesting features, so we decided to give it a try.

Hands down, some of the SP-352’s most fascinating properties are its lightweight design, ease of use, versatility, and the quality materials from which this spray gun is made.

For those familiar with spray guns, it is obvious that combining all these features isn’t a simple task by any means. Yet this is just one of the amazing things about the device.

In our SPRAYIT SP-352 review, we’ll be taking a look at some features that make this paint gun one of the best out there for its price point.

We’ll be taking a look at its strengths, shortcomings, as well as a few recommendations on how to get the best value from your spray gun.


Let’s go!


  • Lightweight aluminum body, weighing just 1.8 lbs, making it a perfect choice for big projects.
  • Three distinct adjustment knobs and controls, providing the needed flexibility and control on the user’s end.
  • 4.2 to 6 CFM (cubic feet per minute) air consumption rate, at 30 PSI (pound per square inch).
  • 30 to 45 PSI ideal operating pressure. Maximum pressure of 60 PSI.

Qualities and Characteristics of SPRAYIT SP-352

Below we will take a look at some of the main characteristics and properties of the SPRAYIT SP-352, everything from performance to aesthetics.

First, let’s talk about the qualities at which the device performs extremely well, and later on, we will analyze the features where there is still some room for improvement.

Built quality

The SPRAYIT SP-352, as we said before, has a lightweight design, which makes it ideal for projects that would take a long time to finish.

We all know the struggle of holding a spray gun for hours without getting your hand tired. Most LVLP spray guns tend to be on the heavier side, but this is not the case with the SPRAYIT SP-352.

Its body frame is made of aluminum, which is a material much more durable than plastic and way lighter than other metals, putting less stress on your arm while painting.

The spray gun has stainless steel fluid needle and nozzle, a very durable and corrosion-resistant material.

It also has an aluminum swivel cup, which allows you to rotate the gun with no risk.


For the price you’re paying, the SPRAYIT SP-352 performs surprisingly well.

Of course, you can’t compare it to high-end more expensive LVLP spray guns that are currently on the market, but keep in mind that you’re paying just a fraction of what they cost.

At this price range, the SP 352 may be your best choice, if you’re not considering throwing a couple of hundred of dollars more for a better spray gun.

We found that it works very well for spray painting doors, ceilings, and cabinets, which do not require thick coatings.

On top of that, this spray gun seems to minimize paint wastage, which is a big thumbs up.

We’ve heard people also been using it for automotive painting, but we haven’t tried it, so we can’t give a clear opinion on that.

Value for Money

One of the qualities users of the SP 352 rave about is its price. And not just its affordability, but the fact that it delivers much more than you’d expect for its price, in terms of the quality you get.

As we said before, at this price range, the SP 352 is unbeatable.

Flexibility and Control

As mentioned above, the device comes with three comprehensive control knobs, which results in better control over the width of the spray pattern, the amount of paint flow, and the spray pressure.

The top knob controls the width of the spray pattern. The middle knob controls the amount of paint flow in the spray gun. The under-handle knob controls the spray pressure.

Ease of Use

SPRAYIT SP 352 is really easy to use and there’s also a user manual which you can download here, in case you need some help.

Its ease-of-use is also attributed to its lightweight design, which makes it extremely convenient for long term handling.


It might seem irrelevant to judge a tool like this one based on its aesthetics, but we can’t skip how slick and beautiful the SPRAYIT SP-352 looks.

The combination of red and chrome color looks stunning.

Cons, shortcomings, and weak points of SPRAYIT SP-352

Understandably, a tool of this price comes with its drawbacks. We will be discussing some of them which may be a problem for you below, and hopefully, we find a solution.


While testing it, we found that the SPRAYIT SP-352 tends to get clogged pretty easily.

Sure, all sprayers tend to clog now and then, and proper maintenance together with thinning are important aspects that determine the performance of a spray gun, but we can’t deny the fact that SPRAYIT SP-352 may have a higher clogging tendency than your average sprayer.

Solution: Always, and I mean, always clean your spray gun thoroughly right after use. Also, try to use thinner coatings and if needed, thin the paint material to the consistency of milk and in some cases, even thinner.

Slow painting

One of the disadvantages of SPRAYIT SP-352 is the fact that it sprays very lightly and it may require multiple coatings to get a proper finish.

Sure this isn’t a problem when paint spraying small surfaces, but for larger projects, it may take longer than other spray guns to finish the job.

Recommended Practices

Yes, the SPRAYIT SP-352 is an affordable paint gun, but in the end, there will always be a reason for it coming at the price that it does.

It does indeed have a lot of great features and good performance to offer, but at the same time, you really can’t expect from it what you may expect from a spray gun that comes at ten times its price.

To help you get more from the device and to prolong its lifespan as much as you can, we have listed below a few of the recommended practices by the manufacturer, us, and users who left their reviews after using it.

Proper Cleaning Before Use

It is highly recommended to carry out proper cleaning on your SPRAYIT SP-352 even before making use of it at all.

It seems like some of the red paint used to coat the spray gun itself tends to chip off and can somehow mix with the coating material you’re going to use. Surely you don’t want that to happen.

Avoid Overuse

Thanks to its lightweight design and ease-of-use, it is tempting to ramp up the device and overuse it, but the device isn’t meant for large scale painting jobs, even though it’s marketed as such.

Many users report buying it for just a one time use. Honestly, for the price that it comes, that’s understandable.


We probably mentioned far too many times its affordable price, but this is perhaps the main advantage of this spray gun, and probably this is also the reason you’re reading this review.

If you’re on a budget, or if you’re just starting to explore the amazing benefits of spray painting, the SPRAYIT SP-352 is the perfect tool to buy.

This spray gun is faster and even cheaper than a good roller or a brush, so if you have a compressor laying around, buy it and give it a try.

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  • Do I need to thin the paint when using the SPRAYIT SP-352?

Yes, it’s highly advisable to thin the coating material.

  • Can I use the SPRAYIT SP-352 to spray wooden cabinets?

Absolutely. This spray gun is suitable for wooden cabinets.

  • Can I spray my car or my bike with the SPRAYIT SP-352?

We’ve heard that it works just fine for automotive painting, but we haven’t tried it ourselves yet.

  • Is this paint gun suitable for wood stain?

Absolutely. You can use it with a wood stain.

  • Can I change the tip to a different size?

The SPRAYIT SP-352 comes with a 1.5 mm tip, but you can replace it if you wish to.

  • Is it suitable for enamel paint?

You can use enamel paint with the SPRAYIT SP-352 without any problems.

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