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Wagner Control Pro 130 vs 150: Unveiling the Perfect Home Painting Companion

Wagner Control Pro 130 vs 150

When it comes to home painting projects, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference in achieving a flawless finish.

Wagner, a trusted name in the industry, offers two powerful paint sprayers: the Wagner Control Pro 130 and the Wagner Control Pro 150.

In this comprehensive comparison article, we’ll delve into the features, performance, similarities, and differences of these two models.

As someone who has experienced both products, I can provide valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.

Wagner Control Pro 130: Exploring the Basics

Wagner Control Pro 130
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Let’s start with the Wagner Control Pro 130, an entry-level paint sprayer designed for small to medium-sized painting projects. This compact and lightweight model offers several notable features that cater to the needs of homeowners and DIY enthusiasts.

The Control Pro 130 boasts a high-efficiency airless spray technology, enabling you to achieve a professional-looking finish with ease. With its 0.017-inch reversible spray tip, you can effortlessly handle various materials, including stains, sealers, and latex paints. The sprayer also features a powerful two-stage turbine that provides consistent pressure for an even application.

One of the key highlights of the Control Pro 130 is its user-friendly design. It comes equipped with a 25-foot flexible hose, allowing you to reach higher or distant areas without hassle. The integrated storage compartments for the hose, gun, and tips ensure organized and convenient access to essential components during your painting project.

Wagner Control Pro 150: A Step Up in Performance

Wagner Control Pro 150
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Now, let’s turn our attention to the Wagner Control Pro 150, which promises enhanced performance and a more professional painting experience. This model is perfect for tackling larger projects or frequent painting endeavors.

The Control Pro 150 shares many similarities with its sibling, the Control Pro 130. It utilizes the same airless spray technology and features a two-stage turbine. However, the Control Pro 150 brings significant improvements that elevate its capabilities.

One notable upgrade is the larger 0.019-inch reversible spray tip, allowing for faster coverage and more precise control. The increased tip size enables you to tackle thicker materials, such as acrylics and enamels, without clogging or compromising performance. Additionally, the Control Pro 150 features an extended 30-foot hose, granting you greater flexibility to maneuver around your workspace.

Similarities: Quality Unites

Both the Control Pro 130 and Control Pro 150 share a range of features and characteristics that contribute to their overall quality. Here are some key similarities:

High-efficiency airless spray technology (HEA): Both models offer this cutting-edge technology, ensuring consistent and smooth paint application.

Two-stage turbine: The powerful turbines in both sprayers maintain optimal pressure for a professional finish.

Reversible spray tips: The reversible tips in both models make it easy to clear any blockages and switch between spraying directions.

Adjustable pressure control: Both sprayers allow you to adjust the pressure to suit different materials and painting requirements.

Differences: Unveiling Distinctions

While the Control Pro 130 and Control Pro 150 share similarities, they also possess unique characteristics that set them apart. Let’s explore the notable differences between these two models:

Spray Tip Size: The Control Pro 130 has a 0.017-inch tip, while the Control Pro 150 boasts a larger 0.019-inch tip. The increased tip size of the Control Pro 150 allows for faster coverage and better handling of thicker materials.

Hose Length: The Control Pro 130 comes with a 25-foot hose, whereas the Control Pro 150 provides a longer 30-foot hose. The extra length of the Contro Pro 150 grants you greater freedom and flexibility to reach distant or higher areas.

Project Size: The Control Pro 130 is ideally suited for small to medium-sized projects, whereas the Control Pro 150 is better equipped for larger-scale or frequent painting endeavors. The Control Pro 150’s enhanced performance and larger tip size make it more efficient for tackling extensive projects.

Choosing the Best: Wagner Control Pro 150 Reigns Supreme

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Having had personal experience with both models, it is evident that the Wagner Control Pro 150 surpasses its predecessor, the Control Pro 130, in terms of performance, versatility, and overall user satisfaction.

The larger spray tip size of the Control Pro 150 allows for more efficient coverage and handling of thicker materials. Its extended hose length provides greater maneuverability, making it easier to reach every nook and cranny. These advantages, coupled with its suitability for larger projects, make the Control Pro 150 the ideal choice for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts seeking exceptional results.



Can the Wagner Control Pro sprayers handle different types of paint?

Absolutely! Both the Control Pro 130 and Control Pro 150 are designed to handle various materials, including stains, sealers, and latex paints. They offer versatility and adaptability to suit different painting needs.

Are there any notable differences in the build quality between the Control Pro 130 and Control Pro 150?

In terms of build quality, the Control Pro 130 and Control Pro 150 are quite similar. Wagner is known for manufacturing durable and reliable paint sprayers, and both models uphold this reputation. They are constructed with sturdy materials and designed to withstand frequent use.

Do these paint sprayers require any special maintenance?

Both the Control Pro 130 and Control Pro 150 require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Proper cleaning and flushing of the sprayer after each use are recommended to prevent clogs and maintain the longevity of the equipment. Wagner provides detailed instructions on maintenance procedures in the user manual accompanying each sprayer.

Can the spray patterns be adjusted on these sprayers?

Yes, both the Control Pro 130 and Control Pro 150 offer adjustable pressure control, allowing you to customize the spray patterns according to your specific project requirements. This feature gives you greater control over the paint application, enabling you to achieve desired results.

Are additional accessories or attachments available for these models?

Wagner offers a range of accessories and attachments that are compatible with both the Control Pro 130 and Control Pro 150. These include different sizes of spray tips, extension wands, and additional hoses. These accessories can further enhance the versatility and functionality of the sprayers, catering to specific painting needs.

Can these sprayers be used for outdoor projects?

Yes, both the Control Pro 130 and Control Pro 150 are suitable for outdoor projects. However, it is important to consider factors such as weather conditions and proper masking to protect surrounding surfaces. Additionally, ensure that the paint or coating you choose is appropriate for outdoor use.

By addressing these additional questions, you will have a more comprehensive understanding of the Wagner Control Pro 130 and Control Pro 150, enabling you to make a well-informed decision when choosing the right paint sprayer for your specific painting projects.



In conclusion, whether you’re embarking on a small weekend project or a larger-scale renovation, the Wagner Control Pro 150 is undoubtedly the superior paint sprayer.

With its enhanced performance, larger tip size, and extended hose length, it offers the reliability and versatility needed to achieve professional-quality results.

Upgrade to the Wagner Control Pro 150, and experience a seamless and enjoyable painting process that transforms your home with precision and finesse.

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